PUBG Mobile Removed From China & Replaced With A Worse Version

Having gone after for months to get endorsement to discharge (and all the more critically, monetise) PUBG in China, distributer Tencent has had enough and pulled the game, supplanting it with something that looks fundamentally the same as.

The new game is called Game For Peace, which “pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that monitor our nation’s airspace”, otherwise known as the Chinese Air Force. On the off chance that you were anticipating that a serious praise should the nation’s military, however, you are in for a shock.

That…certainly looks well-known. What’s more, I trust you adhered around sufficiently long to see the “paintball” impacts when shooting, and that adversaries don’t kick the bucket, they simply wave tenderly at you before becoming dim.

Game For Peace is so like PUBG, truth be told, that players saw after the change that they held a similar dimension they’d recently held, and some even “ended up at a spot in the game that emphatically looked like the spot they left off in PUBG, complete with PUBG gaming history.”

Regardless of this, Tencent cases the game was created in-house, and that “they are altogether different types of games”.

The huge contrast from the distributing side of things is that Game For Peace, not at all like PUBG, has “administrative endorsement to produce income”.